What time are services?

11:00 a.m. on Sunday.

How long is a service?

Approximately an hour.

Do I have to give an offering?

No, offerings are not required, but are appreciated.

Are there activities for my kids?

Yes, most Sundays we have Sunday School for children ages 6 and older.  There is also a nursery for children under 6. (There is no Sunday School on the second Sunday so everyone can participate in Communion)  ***Note – Sunday School is back!***

What kinds of things does your church get involved in?

We have outreach activities for the local community as well as the greater Columbus area.  We also have additional learning opportunities, small groups, and social gatherings from time to time.  Check the Events page for more information on upcoming activities.

What else should I know?

Many organizations have their own jargon or acronyms which are often confusing to outsiders.  Here are a few terms you might hear when visiting CenterPointe Church:

Avenues:  In GCI we use the term “Avenues” to describe the path or road we walk on to do God’s work.

Discipleship: Christian discipleship is the disciplined habit of thinking and acting in Christ.  Discipleship is growing closer to Christ and more like Christ, and deeper into Christian community with other believers.

The term we use is Faith Avenue.  This is the Avenue where community is built through relational and spiritually formational activities.  Our Faith Avenue activities include gathering for Bible studies, watching educational videos, or gathering in groups for social activities outside of Sunday services.

Sunday Services: Sunday is about praise and worshipWorship is the experience of glorifying our God.  Because our hope is in Christ, our worship services are centered on him.  It is a time when new and existing members gather at our weekly worship services.

The term we use is Hope Avenue.  It consists of everything that takes place on Sunday surrounding praise and worship services.  This includes the praise team, Sunday School activities, hospitality, ushers, greeters, and much more.

Outreach:  Foundational to our mission is outreach and other forms of missional work.

The term we use  is Love Avenue.  It the activities we do to share His love outside the walls of the church.  By reaching out to those around us we show God’s love to our neighbors.  Activities of the Love Avenue have included Community Care Days (picking up trash, providing school supplies to kids, etc.) and Thanksgiving baskets and winter gear (mittens, hats, scarves) for a local elementary school.